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THE RISE with Helena Klassen

Dec 31, 2021

What should you do when ex's and other people come back into your life that left on unsavory terms or created pain in your life?  This is the discussion point of today's episode.  Take note of things to look out for and questions to ask yourself and others.

Dec 31, 2021

This episode dives into the mindset needed to make changes in your daily routine as well as tips on creating ease for those habit changes.  Discover methods to help you achieve desired results by developing consistent action required.  

Dec 16, 2021

Lisa describes the crisis pregnancy she found herself in as a professional, single mom, fresh out of divorce, in her mid 30's.  Focusing on all the problems regarding her situation, she couldn't see beyond the current obstacles.  She made a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances and lived with remorse over...